Unmatched Services | W&H Romac

W&H Romac specialise in supplying and installing streetlighting equipment, traffic signs, posts and cable works.

With W&H Romac being registered to the Highway Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS). You can guarantee we will deliver a professional service. Our Services include:

  • Supply and installation of street lighting columns for highways, housing estates, carparks, footpaths etc.
  • Supply and installation of the latest lanterns, this can be to the client’s specification or if you need some advice of what lantern to choose, this is something we can help you with.
  • LED upgrades

Supply and installation of traffic signs and posts, this includes:

  • directional signs large and small
  • Signposts- standard and passive
  • illuminated and non-illuminated signs
  • traffic bollards
  • solar powered signs
  • Supply and installation of posts and beacons for pedestrian crossing i.e. Zebra crossings
  • Maintenance of streetlighting equipment

Cable works:

  • Supply and installation of private armoured cables (single phase and three phase)
  • Streetlighting private electrical connections
  • Jointing and repairs of existing cables
  • Test and commissioning of streetlighting and street furniture carried out by our HERS registered trained specialists.

W&H Romac aspire to deliver an excellent and professional service. Contact us for more information for any of your street lighting and traffic sign requirements.

Call: 01702 442014